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Illustrator | Cartoonist | Comic book creator | Model kit painter
Pencils, brushes and balloons in hands, I would do impossibles stories!
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Convention Geek Unchained II

Je serais présent lors de la convention "Geek Unchained II" en Alsace, France, les 1er et 2 juillet 2017. Vous pourrez me retrouver avec Ratatarse Factory : Figures & Toys customer, Model kit builder & more pendant toute la durée de la convention ! Soyez nombreux à venir profiter de cette seconde édition de la Geek Unchained et découvrir, entre autres, nos travaux sur notre stand ! Pour plus d'info: Convention Geek Unchained II À bientôt !
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WIP (2017)

The last time I painted something was 6 weeks ago. I've been busy and the time didn't wait for me… Can't trust time! Just finished this little Lockheed tonight. Now, I just have to glue him (and Kitty) to the wall, print high quality poster and finish this diorama.
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Timeline Photos

Yeah! Finally received, i'm going to test a new masking method to finish some paint jobs!
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[Garage kit painting #14] Baby Groot statue - 015

Garage kit built then painted using brushes and Vallejo acrylic.
Sculpted (3 parts) by Michael Boswell.
Custom base (1 pot) created by me (Das).
Assembled and painted by me (Das).

This sculpt is inspired by the post-credit scene from the Guardians of The Galaxy movie directed by James Gunn.

Who's Groot? He is Groot !

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