A little bit about me, myself and I…

Das portrait

Illustrator – Comic book artist – Independent publisher

Pencils, brushes and balloons in hands,
I would do impossible stories!

After being diplomed from the École Estienne (ESAIG) in Paris in Applied Arts and Design (level III) and obtaining one degree (level II) in Design and another in Cinema and Media, I have worked as a graphic designer, then digital project manager and finally head of agencies poles (as freelancer as well as in advertising agencies).

At the same time, I am an illustrator and comic book artist for more than 2 decades, and I have been involved in various independent projects such as sci-fi and super-heroes comic books, children books and graphic novels as well as corporate illustrations and TV shows concept art.
I’m pretty sure I can help you with your next project: don’t hesitate to contact me!

In 2018, I have founded Nice Kraken, my independent label where I freely create my own stories and I have succesfully published Un Crocodile aux Dents Poilues (children book), From Ink to Bear 2018 (art book), Enemy Engaged (parodic sci-fi webcomics), The Ring Bearer (fantasy comic books), The Undiscovered Bestiary (ecological graphic novel), Red (folktale comic book) and STS-135 (cyberpunk comic book), my creator-owned productions.

Check My Books section to learn more about my latest creations!

The Professional

The Professional - 01
The Professional - 02
The Professional - 03
The Professional - 04
The Professional - 05
The Professional - 06
The Professional - 07
The Professional - 08
The Professional - 09

This is obviously an homage to a scene between Natalie Portman and Jean Reno from Léon: The Professional by Luc Besson.

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