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I like to break rulez and so do Red!

Red is not the kind of boring princess who dreams her life and waits after tales of mighty adventurers living the actual stuff.
That is why she runs from her castle (that and a curse) to show you who’s the princess in charge!

Life is hard as a rock, even for princesses, but it’s up to them to decide how to live it. And this is why Red wants to make sure we all now know we are all the princess of our own life (by all, I mean female, male, trans, non-binary…)

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Princess is not a status, it is an attitude !

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Like I did with The Ring Bearer, I used prompts to write this story. These inspired me an introduction scene and some ideas but as I wasn’t skilled enough to properly write the whole adventure, I asked Bao (who wrote Un crocodile aux dents poilues and knows the drill) to help me with the scenario using the remaining six prompts, which she awesomely did.

With her scenario in hand, I illustrated the next six pages, wrote their text and felt like the last page could not be the end… So I picked three more set of seven words and after months of studying story-writing, I completed the remaining three chapters.
This is how you can read the full inspirational adventure of Red, the fiercest princess of the East Wood (with references, folklore and even a bit of moral).

The book is 40 pages, colour, English, perfect-bound paperback, 14.8x21cm and was published in September 2020.
ISBN: 978-2957335435

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Red – pages 6 & 7

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Red – pages 8 & 9

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Red – pages 10 & 11