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The Ring Bearer : parts one & two

After I successfully completed and published my Inktober 2018 challenge, I started to participate to other challenges such as Folk Tales Week, Creatuanary, March of the Robots… And I though it could be funnier to add a challenge within the challenge and tell a story using the prompts.

The Ring Bearer is the adventure staring the bear from my previous year Inktober challenge and as the first prompt was “ring”, I obviously decided that my bear, finding this one ring, would experience a great adventure full of fantasy and magic!

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In brightest day,
In blackest night,
One ring to rule them all,
And in the darkness bind them tight…

The Lord of the Lanterns
J.R.R. Toldyousso

Seeing that I won’t have enough of 31 prompts to tell the full story of the Ring Bearer, I decided to create a trilogy but of only two parts because waiting for a third book would be way too long (and trilogy sounds way better than duology).

The second book was published only nine months after the first one and follows the story right where we left it in the first part, using the 2020 prompt list from Inktober to achieve the epic adventure of the possessed Ring Bearer and its magical ring!

Both books are 40 pages, colour, no text, perfect-bound paperback, 14.8x21cm and were published in March and December 2020.
ISBN: 978-2957335411

The Ring Bearer : part one - 04-05
The Ring Bearer : part one – pages 4 & 5

The Ring Bearer : part one - 06-07
The Ring Bearer : part one – pages 6 & 7

The Ring Bearer : part one - 08-09
The Ring Bearer : part one – pages 8 & 9

The Ring Bearer : part one - 10-11
The Ring Bearer : part one – pages 10 & 11